Kitchen Refacing and refinishing before and after
Refinishing your kitchen cabinets is always a big decision. There are a lot of choices but what’s best for you?
Reglazing kitchen cabinets is much more cost effective than total replacement or cabinet refacing. Brennan’s Painting will reglaze your kitchen cabinets to look like new – or better!  Choose a new color, match an existing color or create a whole new look with custom designed granite or stonework patterns. Any way you choose, Brennan’s Painting is fast, safe, eco-friendly, economical, and comes with a 5-year written guarantee!

Kitchen Cabinet Reglazing offers huge savings over tearing out and replacing an existing kitchen.  It not only saves you thousands of dollars and weeks of hassles, but it keeps all that debris out of our landfills.*

How does cabinet reglazing work?

In most cases, the foundation and layout of your cabinets are fine, but the color needs an update or they require some repair.  We can take dark brown or faux wood cabinets and reglaze them to a sparkling clean white.  Or we can create any custom color you desire.  It’s amazing how a fresh new look on kitchen cabinets updates the room and makes you feel like you have the kitchen you always wanted. Our skilled kitchen reglazing technicians can give you the feel of a larger, brighter, more welcoming kitchen you can be proud of.  All for 80% less than traditional kitchen cabinet replacement!

Raised Panel Cabinet Door Replacement

Nothing outdates the look of your kitchen more than exposed hinges and flat panel doors and drawer fronts. Brennan’s Painting offers a fast, easy solution to this common problem.

This is a wonderful quick update for kitchen cabinets that are in good condition but still have exposed hinges and flat panel doors.

  • Our technician will show you a variety of raised panel door options for you to choose
  • The cabinet foundation will be reglazed to the color of your choice, in your home
  • The new matching cabinet doors will be installed with updated interior (hidden) hinges

Raised Panel Cabinet Door Replacement is an excellent cost saving alternative to traditional replacement or refacing.  It is fast, economical and delivers excellent results!

*Why should you care?  Because it can impact your life. Tampa, Clearwater and St Petersburg area landfills are running out of room for waste.  If we don’t recycle more (and reuse and reduce more often), we’ll soon be surrounded by our own waste. Yuck!