Aah, it has begun. The keys to your new home are hot in your pocket and the Pinterest inspiration you have gathered is now a carousel of to-dos for you and the unforeseeable future. Kitchen cabinets are always first priority when it comes to creating the ambiance of a home. Maybe it’s because most memories are made in the kitchen, or possibly it’s become the modern day mood ring to use cabinetry color as our method of self expression. Nevertheless my friend and fellow laborer, the tried and true skills and tips of homeowners before you have joined forces to grant you two specific tips to help you in painting kitchen cabinets.

1. Preparation always pays off.

Abraham Lincoln had wise words when it comes to preparation, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” This could not be truer for any DIY project, but even more so when it comes to painting kitchen cabinets. For success in this project, wipe down every spot and crevice on those cabinets before beginning any painting or sanding. A great product we recommend is Zep Degreaser. Using this in conjunction to some good shop quality paper towels is a great way to ensure that you will not miss a spot.

Proceeding along with your cleaning efforts, taping will be one of your most pivotal tasks. This way you can guarantee not a spot of that accent cabinetry color will drip onto your newly purchased floors or adjacent walls. By taping, you are taking the time to save time. Yes, somewhat of an oxymoron, but by taping now you will be saving yourself a lot more time (and possibly money) from touching up paint spots or trying to scrape up globs off the floor. Make sure when that satisfying moment of pulling the tape off your project happens that your lines are clean and precise and you’re not left with rework. A great and trusted brand for tape is Frog Tape.

The last pillar of preparation would have to be your organization method. ORGANIZATION IS KEY TO FINALIZATION. Do not continue a step further in your project without organizing the cabinet doors, hardware, and drawers. Some helpful methods you can start with include labeling small pieces of tape in numerical order to label all doors, and after you begin to remove the doors from their hinges make sure to place all hardware in a designated bag or box for storage until completion. Leave no screw unturned! (Literally.)

So you’re now a decorated and esteemed prepper if you’ve made it this far, and you’re about to embark on a great quest. Yes, I’m talking about paint selection.

2. Choose a high quality paint.

You may have seen some trendy new paint brands that catch your eye with their stunning “curb appeal” and mastery of enticement, but how does it stand up against the founding fathers of the paint industry? Rather than great marketing concepts, we want to find a paint that is DURABLE, AFFORDABLE, AND EFFECTIVE. By purchasing the right paint you may be finding yourself surprised at how quickly and efficiently you can get your job done. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are excellent options when it comes to the standards set above. Their quality is unmatched when it comes to thick coat coverage and durability. Less coats means less work and money, and that’s what we’re looking for right? 

Many of their color options are renowned as the cabinet color brand of choice. Are you dreaming of classic white? Benjamin Moore’s White Dove is an iconic choice that many will covet upon entering your home. Going bold and beautiful? Test out their Color of the Year Aegean Teal and you’re sure to be hooked. Especially if you throw in a great bronze or gold hardware… Need something a little more moody and romantic? Sherwin Williams Black Magic paired with some wood accent will have you weak in the knees. Rest assured, with a paint choice from one of these two brands you are sure to be satisfied and slightly less tired of painting. There’s a reason they’ve remained our ol’ faithfuls in the painting industry and DIY’ers alike. 

Below we’ve curated a list of some of the top kitchen cabinet paint colors:

Now that you feel empowered to take on your cabinetry we’d love it if you mentioned us in your transformation and share! We love to see our clients and friends succeed. If you’re left feeling like you bit off more than you can chew, call Brennan’s Painting, we’re always ready to roll and are experts in painting kitchen cabinets.


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